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How often do you say thank you? How often do you genuinely mean it?

Our survey for Merci Chocolates finds that it’s not as often as you might think. Although the average American says ‘Thank You’ up to six times a day, approximately half of those are insincere. More alarming is that 40% don’t ever show gratitude.

But why is gratitude lacking? One-third simply forget and another 30% say they are so preoccupied at the time that they often don’t say thank you when they probably should have.

The increase in insincere ‘thanks’ has led 44% to believe that the phrase has lost its true meaning. What’s more is the revelation that 8 in 10 feel that when they have gone out of their way to help someone, they have not been thanked properly and a 5th felt that on occasion, ‘Thank You’ was just not enough.

So what can we do to show our true appreciation? For many, the personal touch makes a big difference. Ideally, a thank you should be face to face, but if that’s not possible other methods include a phone call, a text or a small token of appreciation.

Sadly, though, one-third have never given flowers, chocolates, or a thank you letter. A further 1 in 4 has never even sent a thank you text, card or even email.  Must try harder!


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