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Bad news for workers – working is costing you money!

Yep, that’s right, our survey for Schwinn Bikes has found that the average American spends $176,979.67 in their lifetime, just to work.

Whilst a lot of money goes on uniform and food, the biggest expense is transport. In fact, per year, the average American spends a staggering $1,667 on gas, cabs or public transport.

But it’s not just cold hard cash that we’re sacrificing on transport, we’re also sacrificing a large chunk of our time.  Americans drive a total of 131,957 miles in their lifetime, on average, and walk 52,270 miles. And with the additions of traffic and multiple commutes it is, therefore, no surprise that we spend 12 hours a week in our cars. In fact, we can spend more time in our cars than we do with our significant others.

The survey was commissioned to mark National Car Free Day, promoting the use of a bike as an alternative mode of transport saving people time and money. Why not?


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