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“There’s not enough hours in the day”. We’ve all said it, but according to our survey for Van’s Foods, it might be true for some.

The survey has found that American moms do an incredible 33 tasks a day. 11 of these are completed before they even leave the house in the morning. This is even more impressive given that it’s all done on less than six hours sleep.

But it’s not just household chores. The average mom also makes approximately 40 decisions a day for both her children and her partner. That’s nearly 300 decisions a week.

They also take on the role negotiator as they spend nearly 3 hours a week negotiating with their children. The most common battles include bedtime, tantrums and general whining.

But with such a busy schedule it’s understandable that a few shortcuts creep in.  Six in ten of the 1,000 moms* admitted they never make their bed. 1 in 3 also admits to not even looking in the mirror before going out. 40% even claim to drive the kids to school in their pyjamas.

Mom, you’re our hero!


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