Years ago we were promised that 2015 would be a world full of crazy technological advancements and things which could be done at the flick of a switch. I am basing this mainly on the predictions of this year as laid out in Back to the Future II so it might not be wholly realistic. For example we might not have hoverboards and self-drying coats, but what we do have is Wifi and the world at our finger tips.

This means, as a consequence, that we want everything instantly in easy-read, easily digestible formats. News is a key example of this. We are constantly being told that online news sites are taking over from print formats and that soon newspapers and books won’t exist. It’s not just online news sites but social media has transformed how we access our news. As our lives get busier we don’t have time to read full length articles so it seems obvious that a simple 140 characters on twitter is going to appeal to more people.

Infographics are another example of how news can be transformed for easy access. If people can visualise a story and take in the key points instantly, why bother reading a 3 page article on it?  Take the infographic our design studio created for Gorton’s for example. Each key stat is visualised and handed to the reader on a plate, quite literally in this case. This means people can digest key stats quickly whilst still getting a good overview of the story.

Amanda Farnsworth, the BBC’s editor of visual journalism stated that infographics ticked all the boxes when it came to overcoming the challenges posed by audiences of visual media. More specifically what she meant was that infographics are distinctive, aid understanding and treat news stories in a ‘modern and lively way’. It’s these key selling points that have seen infographics infiltrate more and more websites, including the Daily Mail and Yahoo.

Here at 72Point we have always seen the benefits of infographics, particularly when accompanying PR stories and with our in-house design studio we have been able to easily facilitate those benefits…..not that we are boasting or anything…….Ok we are a little bit but we can back it up.  The British Airways infographic that we created alongside our design team, Drench, was featured on the MailOnline. Likewise the one we created for Monarch Airlines featured on Yahoo, as did our infographic for UK digital marketing company, Tecmark. The infographic that we designed for the ID Watchdog in conjunction with their Identity Theft campaign helped the story land on the Daily Mail, which in turn led to huge social media success with 8,500 likes on Facebook alone.

So what’s the process? What do you need to do to get an infographic for your campaign? All you need is an angle and some accompanying statistics, if you haven’t got these, we can help there too; think of us like a one stop source for all your PR survey needs.