By Allison Sadlier and Allie Flowers

72Point isn’t your regular PR service or newswire. We go beyond sending a plain old press release into the void and just hoping somebody sees it. 72Point gives journalists what they want: news.

Just in case you need a refresher, a newswire is a resource journalists use to find newsworthy content. Here at 72Point, we have two ways of interacting with journalists. First, we send out a daily email with our “Editor’s Picks of the Day,” which serves as a roundup sent right to your inbox with everything we’re currently obsessed with. Second, you’ve got our entire content management system at your disposal where you can see every story we’ve got and download assets right to your computer.

Just like Beyoncé has got a song for your every mood, 72Point has a story for every vertical you cover. Need something a little frisky like “Love on Top”? Well, we’ve got loads of fun sex and relationship stories that will draw viewers to your site. Or maybe a classic like “Crazy in Love” to go with a hilarious personality story about people who make their beds versus those that don’t. Is heartwarming like “Halo” more your style? Then how about a precious pet-centric piece? Want to go bold like “Formation”? We’ve got plenty of fun stories about fashion, beauty and dreamy travel tales.

Our survey-led content covers everything you can think of. The bottom line is our newswire is so successful because of its diversity so no matter what you’re writing about, you can log in and find something.

72Point is all about catering to the journalists and the integrity of newsworthiness. We take a lot of pride in hitting our target consumer, the journalist.