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I love Amazon – I love Costco and I love low-cost no-frills airlines like Spirit….. I was just thinking “Which Brands do I love” and these are the ones that came to mind. Of course, I like Porsche, Armani, Apple and Breitling, but it’s easy to get me to like you if you make amazing high-end products and grovel around me if I spend loads of money with you. No, the truth is it takes significantly less to keep me happy. I  like things (and people) that do what they say they will do and I love brands that do that.  For example, I recently flew to Chicago from New York for $90 with Spirit. That’s about 800 miles; They’re ...

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Visual content required image

The technologic revolution of the past several decades along with the digitization of all things media over the last several years have transformed the way businesses and brands reach and engage with their audiences. The media service agencies supporting them have had to evolve right alongside, re-tooling and even completely re-inventing themselves. Some moved swiftly to add and update their services while others struggled to keep up with the changing landscape. Whether tortoise or hare in the reinvention race, all PR professionals are keenly aware they must adapt to better serve their clients. We at 72Point are no different. PR survey pioneers in the UK, we created an extremely, relevant, highly synergistic, multi-divisional media content business proposition in the early ...

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8 Tips and FAQs on Getting Great Coverage image

As news, content and polling specialists, we bridge the gap between the worlds of print, digital and social news media and the high pressure world of consumer PR.  Our professional position is unique, and it’s one that requires us to use our extensive knowledge of the media and its rich tapestry of eccentricities and imperfections to continually deliver great results for our army of clients. Sometimes we have to be harsh, because the integrity of our in-house newswire is sacrosanct, but in every instance we aim to be helpful and honest. Much of our account teams’ roles are answering questions from clients who need help, advice or guidance to pass on to their clients. Many of the questions have the ...

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PR Surveys: creating news content image

As a member of 72Point’s market-leading team, it’s not surprising that I am keen to extol the virtues of the much talked about news generation tool – surveys. We have been the main innovators in this market so it’s hardly surprising that we like to talk about it, but let me explain why we love it so much. As part of one of the world’s largest independent news agencies, established for close to 40 years, we feel that we know a thing or two about news. With over 150 editorial staff in our 6 offices in the UK and US, an award winning picture desk and a history of supplying news everyday to media outlets around the world we know ...

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Infographics and the rise of visual content image

Years ago we were promised that 2015 would be a world full of crazy technological advancements and things which could be done at the flick of a switch. I am basing this mainly on the predictions of this year as laid out in Back to the Future II so it might not be wholly realistic. For example we might not have hoverboards and self-drying coats, but what we do have is Wifi and the world at our finger tips. This means, as a consequence, that we want everything instantly in easy-read, easily digestible formats. News is a key example of this. We are constantly being told that online news sites are taking over from print formats and that soon newspapers ...

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Cabbing it! To Uber or not to Uber, that is the question…. image

During my travels over the years I have had the pleasure and displeasure at times, to use taxis all over the place. As a native of London, I feel rather spoilt. In my very biased opinion, the London “cabby” takes a bit of a beating. To become a cabby in London you need to complete what is known as “The Knowledge”. I believe it takes prospective drivers 2 to 5 years to prepare for this epic test.  These guys, and increasingly gals by the way, have to learn the quickest route from any location in London to any passenger’s requested destination. It covers around 25,000 streets and 20,000 landmarks (I googled it).  And remember, there is no logic to street ...

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Scooting all over the world image

I have had the great good fortune to travel all over the world over the past six or seven years, and even better, I’ve been paid for doing it! My slightly unusual preferred mode of transport during my travels has been and remains, the motor scooter. Now I’ve settled in New York, I’ve just bought myself a lovely little Vespa…so long subway, hello open road! I find scooting about such fun and I love the freedom it gives me to explore the places I visit. I have noticed some key differences around the rules of safe scooting in various parts of the world, so here are my top tips for happy and safe travel via Vespa that I have learned ...

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Miley Cyrus Swings the PR Pendulum image

(Image: JStone / Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards was definitely a feast for the senses, but one of its most surprising moments was Miley Cyrus’ acceptance speech for “Wrecking Ball” as Video of the Year. In fact, it turned out to not be Miley at all. It was “Jesse,” a 22-year old self-described homeless man who said he was accepting the award on behalf of the 1.6 million runaways and homeless in the U.S. who are “starving, lost and scared for their lives.” Camera cut to Cyrus, sitting off stage on the sidelines with a wistful look and tears streaming from her eyes. At the same time, Cyrus’ reps were unveiling a fundraising campaign via social media for My Friend’s ...

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