Payment, Cancellation & Engagement Policies

Payment Policy

The full payment of each engagement or project is due in two (2) equal installments. The first 50% will be billed at the start of the project. It is understood that SWNS Media Group (72Point, Inc) cannot distribute the story / video or share survey data until the initial payment is received. The second 50% and last installment will be billed upon project completion and due within thirty (30) days of receipt of invoice.


Cancellation Policy

a. Client may provide written notice of cancellation of the project without cause or penalty prior to the start of each project. Once work has commenced, cancellation requires payment of a percentage of total project fees as follows:

  1. After survey-led news story angle(s) have been presented to client: 20%
  2. After survey questions have been written: 30%
  3. After survey has been conducted: 50% plus 100% of any supplemental panel incentive fees
  4. After survey has been conducted and news copy has been drafted: 65% plus 100% of any supplemental panel incentive fees
  5. After survey has been conducted, news copy has been drafted and work on any additional services commissioned: 65% of the total amount of agreement plus 100% of any supplemental panel incentive fees plus 65% of the fees for each of the additional services commissioned
  6. After all work has been completed: 100%

b. SWNS Media Group (72Point, Inc) may, at its sole discretion, provide client with a discounted rate (“Bundled Price”) when client engages SWNS Media Group (72Point, Inc) for a series of multiple projects (“Bundled Projects”). In the event of a cancellation of one or more Bundled Projects,

  1. Such discount shall become null and void, and/or
  2. At SWNS Media Group’s (72Point, Inc) sole discretion, such discount may be changed to reflect the actual number of engaged and completed Bundled Projects.

    (Together, the “Unbundled Price”).

    In addition to the cancellation terms set forth under section I of the Cancellation Policy, the client shall pay SWNS Media Group (72Point, Inc) the price difference between the Unbundled Price and Bundled Price for already partially completed or fully completed project(s).

c. SWNS Media Group (72Point, Inc) reserves the right to cancel the project with or without cause at any point of the engagement. If cancellation effectuates after work has commenced, client shall abide by the terms under section I and II of this Cancellation Policy.

Engagement Policy



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