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It’s winter. Even your bed isn’t warm. What are you gonna do?

Well according to our survey for Luxy, the answer is….get yourself into a relationship. Yep! 1 in 3 guys and 1 in 4 girls aim to get a new partner for the winter.

But it’s not just about the bed snuggles, 1 in 5 American’s don’t want to be single in the latter months of the year. This phenomenon, known as ‘cuffing season’ starts in October. The survey of 1,000 single Americans found that on average they received 11 approaches or message from people they aren’t interested in per month.

It’s not just the singles. 3 in 10 have stayed with someone they didn’t want to be with just to avoid the seasonal single blues. A tolerance that lasts until the new year with 16% staying with a partner just until the weather warms up.

It’s not as bleak as it sounds, though. Your winter warmer may turn out to be the one, but it takes women 2 times longer to decide if that’s the case. Sorry guys, you’ll just have to wait.


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