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European holidays


British Airways

Campaign highlights:

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The Project:

We were commissioned by British Airways to carry out a study into how much holiday makers knew about the geography of their holiday destinations.

Our Approach:

We surveyed 2000 people who travelled abroad last year and asked them to pinpoint where they went on their holiday on a map of Europe. We also asked them how much they knew about the country they visited by asking them to name the capital city.

The Results:

The survey found that 53% of those who visited Cyprus were unsure of its location, often confusing it with mainland Greece. One in five stated they would find it hard to name the capital city of the country they visited, while 27% wouldn’t be able to name any of the neighbouring nations. The study received widespread media coverage, including on the MailOnline, AOL and many travel sites. We also illustrated the results in an infographic to make the survey more visually appealing – the infographic was included alongside the survey story on some news sites, and featured on Visual.ly.

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