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Campaign highlights:

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The Project:

To generate coverage for our in-house polling partner, OnePoll, we commissioned a survey to find out how much the average American spends on fast food each year. The aim of the survey was to generate mainstream media coverage and promote the services of OnePoll.  

Our Approach:

We surveyed 1,000 Americans from across the country and asked them how often they indulged in fast food per week and how much each meal cost on average. We also aimed to find out which fast foods were the most common and the reasons behind why they bought them.  

The Results:

The survey found that the average American spends $1,200 of fast food each year. That means that on average Americans dine on fast food twice a week spending around $12.50 per meal. The most common fast foods were found to be burgers, pizza and fried chicken. When asked why Americans opted for fast food so regularly, the most common response was that they were ‘too busy’ or ‘too impatient’ to create a healthy home-cooked meal.  1 in 7 even commented that they chose fast food as they were just ‘too lazy’ to cook. The story achieved widespread media coverage, including the MailOnline , Colorado News Day and a number of radio station sites such as Kool 107.9.

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