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You’ve got your partner coming round and you’re planning on making a night of it….if you know what I mean.  What do you do to set the mood?

Get a takeaway of course. Our survey of 2,000 Americans has found a list of foods most likely to set the fires burning, with Pizza coming out on top. Second on the list was Ice Cream followed by Pasta in third. Maybe people are stocking up on energy?

The survey also wanted to know just how much preparation goes into providing that frisky feeling. One-third start the prep about an hour before hand but for some, they start getting ready 3 to 5 hours before.

Women, it was found, set the mood with a sexy outfit or candles. Whereas men, go for cocktails and music. The music, though, it would seem, tends to be as cheesy as you can imagine. The most common mood setter was the Boyz II Men’s I’ll Make love you to you…..well if that’s not a subtle hint. We don’t know what is.

45% of men also apparently have a serious of moves when trying to get it on. 15% use compliments and 22% give their partner a massage but 1 in 4 drop hints by cleaning the house, believing it will help their cause.

Don’t be fooled, though, guys, 7 in 10 women can spot those moves a mile away. So maybe stick to the food?


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