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The Perfect Summer Vacation – Groupon



Campaign highlights:

A small selection of campaign coverage…

The Project:

What’s your perfect summer vacation? That’s what voucher company, Groupon, commissioned us to find out. The survey was part of a marketing campaign aimed at increasing awareness of the brand and their services.

Our Approach:

We surveyed 1,000 American parents about their perfect summer; What activities would feature? Which vacation destinations would they choose? And how much would they spend making their dream a reality if money was no object? Our in-house design studio then created an infographic from the data which accompanied the story.

The Results:

Americans would spend a staggering $43,154.84 creating their dream summer if money was no object! This dream summer would include 6 BBQs and restaurant dinners, 5 movie and beach outings and 2 overseas trips. Hawaii was voted the top vacation destination with 64%, closely followed by Disney world at 63%. Bahamas, Australia, and Washington DC completed the top 5.  In reality, though, 57% have yet to plan anything fun for their kids and 92% would consider a local alternative for a vacation. The story achieved widespread media coverage including the MailOnlineYahoo, Bloomberg, Fox Business and more!


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