Visual Content

Our designers transform survey data and information into stunning visual content.

We can carry out the research, collate the data AND design the video and infographic using the survey results – a unique offering at a very competitive price.


We have our own design team who work both with agencies and directly with brands to produce infographics of the highest quality – and often to the tightest of deadlines!

We’ve produced infographics for well-known brands such as British Airways, Groupon and 20th Century Fox – our designs have covered a diverse range of subject matters from health, families, love and relationships to travel, technology, work, finance and more.

Our designers can work with data gathered from our own research, or we can work with information and statistics supplied by our clients.

Working with your brief and within brand guidelines, we will produce an interesting and informative infographic ready to share across news and social media sites.

Read our blog about infographics to see what they can bring to your campaign.


We produce videos for all our stories. We know from our in-house expertise and relationships with the media that video is considered essential content by all major news outlets and can really help increase the pick up of your story.

Our in-house video team will create a fun, engaging 90-second video using the key stats from the research.

The video can either be made up of stock material or from interviews with the public, known as ‘man on the street’ or ‘vox pop’ style videos. These provide fun, first-hand example views on any subject.

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Americans Getting Bored of Valentine’s Day+

Americans Getting Bored of Valentine’s Day

infographic, survey story, Video
We Would Rather Hang Out with our Dogs than our Friends+

We Would Rather Hang Out with our Dogs than our Friends

infographic, straight story, survey story, Video
Flakey Millennials+

Flakey Millennials

infographic, survey story
Sex Life Satisfaction+

Sex Life Satisfaction

infographic, survey story
The Cost of Feeding a Teenager+

The Cost of Feeding a Teenager

infographic, survey story
Most Americans Feel Financially Insecure+
Millennial Proposals+

Millennial Proposals

infographic, survey story
Valentine’s Effort+

Valentine’s Effort

infographic, survey story
Fake Gift Reactions+

Fake Gift Reactions

infographic, survey story, Video
Winter Madness+

Winter Madness

infographic, survey story, Video
7 Year Itch+

7 Year Itch

infographic, survey story, Video
Signs of Success+

Signs of Success

infographic, survey story, Video

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